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Short term objectives (1-5 years)
  Objective: based in Chongqing, radiate Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shandong, Tianjin, Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Sichuan and Guizhou, look at the whole country and steadily establish their own marketing network.
  Strategy: the company will take more active, effective and enterprising marketing measures, strive for cost leadership, quality leadership and sound standard system, strive to expand product sales in the existing market and steadily establish its own sales network; Cultivate the overall cooperation and cooperation awareness of the company's entrepreneurial team, and build the company's unique corporate culture and product quality awareness.
Medium term target (5-10 years)
  Objective: to cultivate the core competitiveness of the company, improve the national sales network and establish the corporate image.
  Strategy: develop and cultivate new markets, strengthen new product development, dynamically change customer preferences and needs, and make the company change from passive adaptation to active leadership; Take the market as a living resource, shape intangible assets with brand, and win the trust of customers through characteristic operation, good business reputation and high-quality service attitude.
Long term target (after 10 years)
  Objective: to establish a domestic and international first-class high-end basalt fiber production base and build the first brand of basalt fiber and its post-processing products in China.
  Strategy: carefully build the company's brand and continuously improve customers' trust; Continuously realize the company's low-cost and high-quality expansion by allowing competitive enterprises in the same industry to undertake processing tasks through their own technology and design; On the basis of realizing sustainable development, make the company gradually transition to professional technology development and professional marketing; Continuously cultivate the company's core competitiveness and make the company a high-tech enterprise and scientific and technological innovation organization.

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Publicity of women's Innovation Studio

On March 3, 2022, Jiangjin District, Chongqing held a Conference Commemorating the 112th anniversary of the "March 8 international working women's Day" and the launching ceremony of women's scientific and technological innovation action. At this meeting, 11 women's innovation studios were selected, and the "Zeng Wenying Innovation Studio" of Chongqing zhidu new material technology Co., Ltd. was rated as basalt fiber technology innovation studio.

Three academicians gathered in Tuanjie lake, and Jiangjin "city of science and technology" is rising!

  From July 9 to 10, Chongqing (Jiangjin) basalt microfiber and products high tech forum and project promotion conference were successfully held. Liu Jiaqi,

What role does basalt fiber play in concrete?

  Concrete basalt fiber as a traditional building material, what role does basalt fiber play in concrete?

The tensile strength and reinforcing effect of basalt fiber are so good

  Basalt fiber is an inorganic fiber material, which is a continuous fiber rapidly drawn from pure natural volcanic extrusive rock after melting at 1450 ~ 1500 ℃.


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