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Employment Concept

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Based on benevolence and morality, develop and innovate, and use talents regardless of style
  Talents with both political integrity and ability are the eternal pursuit of the company, but morality and integrity are the primary measurement standards.
  At the time of the company's full development, we open our arms and welcome talents who are honest, thoughtful, potential and dare to innovate to join us. For talents with skills, we will warmly make exceptions.
Broad development space
  The company's employment principle is: know people, make good use of them, and apply them appropriately; What people are good at, what people are short of; The capable go up, the average give way, and the mediocre go down. Deeply tap the potential of each colleague and give full play to their enthusiasm and initiative; At the same time, pay attention to the organic combination of personality and diversity of each employee, insist on making the best use of people's talents, make the best use of their talents, do their best, do their best, and help each colleague achieve success in his work.
  We make every effort to help young talents grow rapidly, create various opportunities for talented and capable talents to stand out, provide a broader platform for talents with outstanding contributions, and provide space for all kinds of talents to develop and display their talents to the greatest extent.
Platform for sharing achievements
  It is our long-term goal to promote the development of the enterprise with the development of employees. The company takes achievement sharing as the core policy to enhance employees' enthusiasm and maintain employees' stability, and timely implements various personalized incentive measures according to the degree of individual contribution to the company. At the same time, the bold promotion of young, potential, capable and thoughtful employees is the positive encouragement to these young talents, which makes the company constantly full of vitality.

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Publicity of women's Innovation Studio

On March 3, 2022, Jiangjin District, Chongqing held a Conference Commemorating the 112th anniversary of the "March 8 international working women's Day" and the launching ceremony of women's scientific and technological innovation action. At this meeting, 11 women's innovation studios were selected, and the "Zeng Wenying Innovation Studio" of Chongqing zhidu new material technology Co., Ltd. was rated as basalt fiber technology innovation studio.

Three academicians gathered in Tuanjie lake, and Jiangjin "city of science and technology" is rising!

  From July 9 to 10, Chongqing (Jiangjin) basalt microfiber and products high tech forum and project promotion conference were successfully held. Liu Jiaqi,

What role does basalt fiber play in concrete?

  Concrete basalt fiber as a traditional building material, what role does basalt fiber play in concrete?

The tensile strength and reinforcing effect of basalt fiber are so good

  Basalt fiber is an inorganic fiber material, which is a continuous fiber rapidly drawn from pure natural volcanic extrusive rock after melting at 1450 ~ 1500 ℃.


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